Privacy Manager

First of all, This is an excellent weather channel app.but behind the unknown…It’s a Privacy protection app.Hide and Lock everything you want to protect and let your privacy be your own.Support for creating folders, sorting filesSupport audio, video, photos, etc.Support file compression to save storage spaceSupport iPhoneX

Manage your personal privacy information in weather app, No one can notice that your privacy is hidden in the weather app.

Hide your private files and protect your personal privacy.

No one can access your personal private files without the password.


Todo List

Friendly interface, easy to use, prompt and trustworthy.Support time reminders, location reminders, repeat reminders.

Use recordings to create a plan reminder, It‘s so simple.

No need to open the iPhone to view the plan, Automatic reminders on time, It‘s so accurate.

More ways to remind you not to miss any important plans,It’s so trustworthy.


Vioce Recorder

At the first sight, you will like it.Using the simple recorder, you will find that recording has been so simple.Let the recording turn into an elegant thing.

Add a tag to mark your important time.

Edit your recordings on the waveform, intuitive and accurate operation.

Multiple ways to backup and share files, convenient and quick.