Simple Recorder

At the first sight, you will like it.Using the simple recorder, you will find that recording has been so simple.Let the recording turn into an elegant thing.

Add a tag to mark your important time.

Edit your recordings on the waveform, intuitive and accurate operation.

Multiple ways to backup and share files, convenient and quick.


  • Is there a time limit for app use?

  • No it isn’t .

  • Is the file automatically deleted?

  • No it isn’t. The file will be always saved unless the app is uninstalled.

  • How to backup files to the windows system computer?

  • First,Save files to camera roll,Connect to your computer via usb,then open the new added hard drive and copy files to your computer,all done.Second,Install “iTunes” on your computer and then you can use “iTunes file sharing”backup your files.Finally, connect to wi-fi, Then push the “Wi-Fi file sharing” tab in the settings, open a browser on your computer, enter the ip address and open, download the file for backup.

  • How to edit a file quickly?

  • Slide your finger to left on the file,Then click the button for quick editing.